Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crazy Sock Day: The entirety (almost) of my life is on Google Drive

Hehe, it's always a pleasant surprise discovering a treasure trove of goodies from eras (4-5 years) ago. Here's to clear skin, the most on point I could ask for before on point eyebrows were even a thing, and that unfailing converse/high tops combo. I also happened across a music analysis I did in English, of "On The Wing" by Owl City. I treat artifacts of any sorts almost like time capsules that partially preserves some of the essence of a certain period, enough to trigger related memories and be momentarily transported back. Even going through the archives of this blog is like opening a time capsule, being able to compare how much of me has changed, what parts of me have remained.

"This song teaches me that even though you should never forget your past, you shouldn’t cling to it either, but instead, move on to make more happy memories, and go on to achieve something greater."

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