Thursday, July 31, 2014

LACMA: "Art should imitate exaggerate and or deform reality"

Back in December, I went to my first art museum in 5+ years, and felt confused for the majority of the day. For me, there were no particular ~deeper understandings~ of the pieces/ exhibits I viewed. While I'm not going to pretend to inject meaning into things I can now only appreciate on a superficial level, I can confidently say LACMA is a prime location for people-watching, curators are passionate and knowledgeable, and the museum is immaculate. I found myself mostly paying attention the way fellow museum-goers were interacting with art, brief glimpses of strangers' lives that I thought were really interesting and poignant at some points. I think I'm going through some kind of funky humanist-existentialist phase where anything that makes me question how I fit in, in relation to the humans around me, sets me off in a bout of existential contemplation. *Knocks on wood* I'll probably be laughing at myself in about five years' time, scoffing at my silly lil' teenage humanist-existentialist ideals.

"For Beginners" - Bruce Nauman // Flickr
"Second to None" - Ry Rockland
Does anyone know the name of this?

"Praying to the Light Machine" - 

"Giant Pool Balls" - Claes Odenburg // Flickr

 LACMA has something called the NextGen program in place, basically offering free admission to anyone under 18, in hopes of fostering an appreciation for the arts within the younger generation. I spent far more time looking at/taking pictures of people looking at art as opposed to actually looking at the pieces themselves. Without a doubt, everything was like... rich velvet for your vision. Yeah. I probably should have spent more time reading descriptions of pieces/exhibitions, but everything was so visually pleasing I quickly traveled from one piece to another simply gawking…. museum lighting is so atmospheric.

When reading a Yelp review, one visitor talked about how the art "spoke" to her, and I was just curious as to how ~enlightening~ her museum experience must have felt. Dang. Was it because I [admittedly] dragged my family, resulting in a rushed day? Did I arrive in hopes of feeling like some kind of urban sophisticate? Worldly and cultured? I hope to visit again just by myself and [ideally] drift around in some peaceful, meditative state, taking in all the nuances and intricacies yet to be appreciated. Until next time,

"Agnès Varda in Californialand"-Agnès Varda


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