Wednesday, May 29, 2013

my kind of retail therapy


here's to bargains on bargains on bargains because more likely than not, i end up not having to pay full price for things i want. [: i will forever be in love with thrift stores and their quirky sweaters and impressive inventory of mugs, in addition to the random but completely new shirt from ______ (insert store name here). i've also discovered outlet stores/malls and wow! i mean the place that i went to is definitely not for you if the atmosphere of the store is a big thing for you. i sifted through a lot of clothes that just left me going "...what?", but at the same time, if you're like me, you'll enjoy the thrill of the search. [8 there were tops/shorts/dresses/questionable lingerie/ a section in the back dedicated to random knickknacks/ activewear/etcetcetc, the shoe section looks decent, random sneakers, high heels, all that; sometimes when i'm in need of a breather from the mall, i definitely know where i'm planning on visiting next.

any other bargain shoppers out there? holla at me guise.

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