Monday, September 30, 2013

let's get funky fit

note: post date changed to reflect the time this draft was written

i’m seriously considering just making my everyday wardrobe athletic clothing based because they’re both fashionable and functional. and i’m lazy. and i really like comfortable clothes.

finally got to replace my shoes after logging 300+ miles on them during grueling morning summer cross country practice! through excessive online window shopping via amazon, i chose the reebok scream 2.0s for its fashionable appearance (a girl’s gotta get fit in style!) as well as functionality. there are multiple gorgeous color schemes to choose from, and the mint green/ coral combination was my favorite. beyond that, it was a neutral shoe with sufficient support, which i preferred since i had a neutral running stride.

when the package came, i was crazy excited to see my glorious new running kicks! and new shoes smell really nice! ahh! the colors were even more vibrant in person, the shoes were super light, and running was comfortable. the only minor downside of the crevice gridded sole of the shoe was that often, woodchips and rocks would get stuck, but it’s alright! pounding pavement is a breeeeeeze because of the minimalistic yet supportive design, so I’m really glad to have bought these shoes. \m/

not even exaggerating when i say i’ve spent most of my summer in running clothes. cross country has been intense, but it’s honest to goodness the teammates who make it worth it. this season has been one of the happiest periods of time I’ve had in high school, probably the healthiest as well.

YOU LIKE MY SOCK TAN?! ft 10/10 summer reads

i felt much closer to this years cross country team since i did the summer practice this year; which is when i think a lot of team bonding happened. meets weren't so different but i felt like this year was definitely a step up from last year since i sat out a lot of last season due to injuries. practices were challenging, but in the end they were extremely helpful, whether they were hill workouts, track workouts, or long runs. i didn't know know the coach that that well last year, so i can't make a comparison between her and the new coach. however i can say coach ken was definitely motivating with his passion and dedication towards the cross country team. just knowing the amount of time he dedicates each day to cross country with all the hours spent coaching us during practice and competitions makes me want to put forth the same effort as well. 

during really intense workouts i can remember him always yelling at us to be unafraid, and to "shoot for the moon," because even if you miss, at least "you've landed amongst the stars." this year's season was awesome because, in my opinion, the team felt like a tight knit family. it might seem like an individual sport but in cross country, the overall team is really important too - its definitely helpful and encouraging to know that the people you're fighting for are giving their all during races as well. the mental aspect of cross country is arguably just as important as the physical aspect; i've learned to trust my training, that the pain is something you have to expect and deal with for a finite amount of time. as cheesy as it's going to sound, when things are feeling like an uphill battle, you have to remind yourself that this hill doesn't last forever. ~*~*~
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