Saturday, June 8, 2013

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out of body moments?

there is something about driving home while the sun is setting. for me, seeing all these other cars on the road reminds me how absolutely everyone is on some sort of journey. it makes me curious where all these different people are headed and is always a reminder of how there are so many people to be met and places to be visited out there. or maybe it's the fact that i have a [good/bad?] tendency to romanticize almost every aspect of my day.

life is fast-paced and sometimes everything seems like a blur. i like silhouettes and contrast but at the same time gradients of color as well. on a tangent; in class i mentioned using silhouettes on my poster and later that class i overheard my teacher repeating exactly what i had said when they said they needed help designing a poster; score \m/

 i want to be able to take breath taking sunset photos. i love the varying shades of brilliance, but i don't exactly want your typical instagram photo. i want to bring depth & capture the glow, i want my sunsets to be practically coming to life, not stifled and muted with whatever tint some filter added onto it.

as the following pictures suggest, true selfie masters take every available opportunity to perfect the art of self portraits;

 setting; highways during
dark nights bright lights
wooshing cars dancing shadows
add a nice camera and even nicer friend(s);
p o o f
you're got a recipe for magic

pretentious tumblr quote; has it ever occurred to you that you've never actually seen your face,  only viewing it through reflections and pictures????????????????????

oh and recent discovery (!!!) maybe not your thing but personally i really like high iso settings in low light. crisp but grainy images are fine with me because i like the film look. until i'm able to get my hands on some film and get out of the house, i'll settle for the artificial effect. but seriously, what's up our fascination with vintage and retro things? vintage clothing, retro picture effects, old records, and the list goes on. even i am trying to understand, why this sudden nostalgia for a time period a lot of us never lived in in the first place?

when the going gets tough, it's natural to want to go back and linger on things of the past, relive pleasant memories in our heads. definitely make sure to never forget your past, that is your experience from which you can draw from in the future, but definitely don't get so caught up to the point where you are not making any progress. life is like a fast paced video cassette [90s kidz reference only!!!].  rewind parts of it to make sure you can understand what happened, but don't continuously watch a scene over and over because then you'll never know what happens afterwards! 

for example; my school year is coming to an end but sometimes i can't stop thinking about the how flawed this past school year has been.  i've come to terms with the fact that all i can do is learn from my mistakes so i don't repeat them next time.  freshmen year is supposed to be the easiest but i am still really sucky with managing my time; i say that i'm weak in that i just went where everyone else went, the easy route. but that's going to change. i am going to work hard next year and hope the end result is something more satisfying and less tangible than a sheet of paper with statistics and percentages printed out on them. i hope whatever the outcome is at the end of all this is worth the time.

hope. the only thing stronger than fear.

here's to fresh starts, hopeful resolutions, peaceful nights, and how bewilderingly random this post was i mean cars to selfies to nostalgia mmm

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Love the blurry pics and the palm trees ;)
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Oh the palm trees look awesome! I want to go there:D Nice blog

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Anita Putri said...

thank you for the sweet comment of you :) nice snapshot dear enjoy weekend
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