Monday, December 24, 2012


school's a bore and not so fun i'm in the process of bringing my grades up :-( nothing out of the ordinary has really happened, just little interesting things along the way.

i've fallen back in love with photography recently:

someone get me a cute little kitten for christmas? ;__;

i am endlessly fascinated by cats and why i always find them so irresistibly adorable i mean just look at that face d'aww. c: in 7th grade i went to my local pet shop and they were holding adoptions for kittens they rescued off the street and i was particularly drawn to this striped one named goose. but like any overeager child in a candy shop my hopes and dreams were crushed (for the moment) when i was told we couldn't bring her home. but should i ever get the chance to finally adopt a kitten, i am for sure naming him/her goose. (wouldn't it be kind of ironic if i named a cat, dog? ahahahehehhoho)

~yay autumn~
autumn is perfect in my opinion because all you need is a cardigan because it's not too chilly. of course in california, there are some days where mother nature can't seem to make up her mind and afternoons transport you back to lazy summer days desperately trying to stay un-sticky and un-hot. more random childhood anecdotes; i used to make a game out of stepping on all of the leaves on the ground just to hear that crackly noise and it got so competitive to the point i didn't see where i was going and started running into strangers. how awkward of me ahhsdfkjsladf

i've missed focusing the picture, adjusting the aperture and shutter speed, composing the picture and then finally pressing the button to hear the satisfying click of the shutter. oh camera how i've missed you so.

am in the process of reading some great books:

"john green the man who ripped my heart out, tore it up, and fed it to his dog." - justin g.

hung out with some great people:

solitary ukulele tuning:
mr hipster justin
i've started playing ukulele again, i hope to be able to reach the skill level where i can just whip out my handy-dandy instrument and have a large repertoire of songs to choose from and play on command and have  spontaneous jam sessions and have fun c: hmm i might do a christmas cover, what do you guys think of tropical sounding holiday tunes?

one of my friends painted this and said it reminded me of her (': <3

i've found that one's self perceptions can differ greatly from how others see you. like they say, you are your own worst critic, but to what extent? where do you draw the line between wanted to be the best you can and just being overly critical of yourself? ~deepquestionsoftheday~

and then finally the week before winter break was here;
christmas-y attire // interesting christmas gifts

twinning for spirit week :-) // candygrams for fundraising hehe
this year i didn't feel very festive, but i guess as long as i get to spend time with loved ones that's okay (: i love dressing up whenever my school has spirit weeks with different themed days because asdfghjkl dressing up is fun *U* especially twin day, the one school day of the year where it's okay to look slightly ridiculous because you know your friend is receiving the same amount of confused looks as you. ^_^

have a great winter/summer (if you're on the southern hemisphere you lucky duckies) break everyone!

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b. said...

I want a kitten with green eyes, mixed ginger/brown fur so I can name him Jupiter :3 There was one named Goose?! Now that's insanely adorable. Californian afternoons sound like bipolar Sydney weather. I guess we don't have much foliage here... unless you specifically go to the park or a large botanical garden in the city here, no crunching of the leaves for me. You should cover.... the little drummer boy hehehe or a carol that doesn't pop up in our minds too soon like Jingle Bells. What crisp diagonal stripes on that painting... I envy dem lines. I have the worst trouble with painting straight. I like your red Christmas attire, the candycane stripe collar is cutie patootie :3 I think we'll always be overly critical of yourselves, for good reason, but it gets quite dangerous because nothing will ever satisfy us. Like we're not entirely proud to say we've reached 'C' when we should've been aiming for 'A+' or so forth. HAHA I got my friend a book called 'Rude Hand Gestures of the World' because he's obsessed with everyone's hands, I thought it was perfect. LET ME HANG YOU OFF MY SET OF KEYS ;_; I really like your plaid jacket!! I don't find it worthy to buy jeans that are already ripped, ripping them on our own sends the DIY gods into happiness mode! Have a great seasonal holiday :3