Sunday, November 25, 2012

oh how time flies!

hi everyone!

so i haven't posted on here for a while o; life update saturated with instagram pictures  in 3,2,1...

since i've last been on blogspot, i've gotten braces (they hurt so much the first week ohmygoshskdjfklsdfljsd) and lightened my hair :} (hydrogen peroxide works wonders)
typical running clothes//new shoes//xc uniform ^_^
i started cross country training, which actually kind of helped keep me in shape c}: i started practice running 1-2 miles a day, and building up to 5 miles ahh!

truthfull fortune cookie fortunes//adventures in chinatown//GOT A GRAND PIANO!
the rest of my summer was filled with lazy days in my pajamas watching pretty little liars, video chatting with friends, periodical wandering around the kitchen in search of food, flipping through assorted magazines and books, just living the good life you know?  eventually i went to freshmen orientation & a football game, met some pretty cool people,and i thought, "i am so ready for high school, BRING IT ON." 

HAHA oh boy my first day of high school was pretty awkward. i was late to zero period, knew some people in my english class but ended up sitting on the other side of the room because i got there late too   (typical). in business i ended up third wheeling and fell asleep in class. in piano i didn't know anyone in spanish i didn't know anyone i was very awkward in those classes yeah. lunch was nice, finding some familiar faces to talk to, and then algebra 2 was yet another awkward silent class. is it sad cross country was the best part of my day? we had a 4 mile run to the beach and back, & i felt great afterwards. ^_^ the first day was just overall really confusing and me not knowing the people in my class. #awkwardturtle 

the first day is always hectic. :c but eventually after a month or so everything settles into a routine, from becoming familiar with the campus, knowing your locker buddies, to seeing people in between passing periods, and sort of knowing where different people generally sit during lunch, all that. in addition, i got to meet a bunch of kind, funny, and just overall really enjoyable people to be around. (: 

oh and I TURNED 14! haha i don't feel any older. but everything was super special; everyone sang happy birthday during lunch (everyone deserves at least one round of "happy birthday" sung at an obnoxiously loud volume in public on their birthday) and some friends baked me cake/brownies & made me cards/wrote letters aww (':

my initial mindset in the beginning of the school was that i'd be all fashionable and well dressed everyday. HAHAH after a while i just get tired or feel like i don't have enough time to even approach my closet for something decent to wear.but then again that's what hoodies and sweats are for c:

another thing that i consider practically a rite of passage in high school: coronation/ homecoming! (whichever you prefer) i was lucky enough to go to two, the first one at the school i would have gone to if i didn't move away as a guest. it was so nice to see old friends again, though it did make me a bit homesick :( nonetheless, the decorations were amazing, not to mention the music and just the entire atmosphere of the dance. (did i mention the floor was vibrating? omg asdfghjkl so cool)and of course everyone headed to the photobooth for goofy pictures because who can resist fun group pictures? the other dance i went to was homecoming at my school,but no one wanted to go because they didn't have dates, which is just like ohmygosh bad reason you can still go and have fun with your friends and ~partaaaay~ which is exactly what i did c}: two of my friends did have dates, but it wasn't awkward at all because everyone was so friendly, and we all had fun dancing, being crazy, letting loose and being weird and dorky because what happens at homecoming stays at homecoming. (;

cross country is another really important thing to me. i can't say i love running in itself, but i enjoy challenging myself and seeing how much progress i make when i improve. and race days are my favorite, running with your team and supporting one another, not wanting to let each other down. (: unfortunately for me, i injured my ankle in the beginning of the season, which really affected my race times. so i pretty much spent a good half of the season icing my feet. though it's not just a physical sport, it's mental too; telling yourself to keep pushing, to not give up so easily.though i didn't do as well as i expected myself to, i'm definitely going to try harder in the summer! now i get to move onto pre season track, and hopefully i'll get to try hurdles heehee.

but anyway,the classes themselves. my counselors recommended that i didn't take too many honors classes, but the overachieving side of me thought i'd be able to handle it. guess again ;__;  biology isn't hard, but the amount of work and the fact that the class is at 7 in the morning makes it hard. i really like my english teacher because she pushes you to write better essays (my middle school teachers so did not prepare me well enough). and finally algebra 2 started off pretty rough because i thought i'd be able to get by without studying. but i've learned that they're called honors classes for a reason HAHAH you have to put so much effort into them. x____x which reminds me;

i see this on tumblr all the time. why must this be so accurate? D: though there's this little part of me in the back of my mind that hopes that somehow i can have all 3, in addition to consistently posting on multiple blogs. I'M GOING TO TRY MY BEST GUYS! so yeah that's all, this may or may not be the last time i post on here for a while, i'm more active on instagram and twitter, with shorter, spontaneous posts. thanksgiving just passed, so i wanted to say i'm thankful for all you followers who still read and comment on my stuff. i really appreciate it. (: <3 p="p">

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Irene Buffa said...

Lovely blog here! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

..and now you can read my blog also in SPANISH!

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AnnTan said...

why hi! thanks for following me and your lovely comments too! you rock the braces! don't worry, i get it off after three years and my teeth are superb

febrina utami putri said...

lovely pictures! you and all the other girls look lovely :)

Furree Katt said...

You're so pretty, i love the pictures! and your hair. and your braces. OMG I LOVE YOU. ahaha. I usually hope that I'm with all my friends during the first day of school. There are always so many classes I despise because I don't know anyone :O Well, all that used to happen before I was homeschooled :P

Good luck with school and training! Running sounds awesome and super healthy. If only I were a bit like you, haha.

Anni said...

That tumblr post is so true. That's what the last quarter of college has been like for me: keeping a 4.0/late nighters every night/awesome social life but no sleep. Good luck on trying though :)

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Mary Lee said...

ah really lovely post! your instagrma pictures are so lovely

hope you'll visit back