Sunday, August 5, 2012

what is this strange thing you call internet

i'm a loser who can't sleep, and so i'm up tonight typing this.

and then i read this really interesting article on gizmodo, a quote from the article:

When everything is worth becoming a memory, what's that say about remembrance? If everything is the object of nostalgia and reminiscence then I don't really know what those things mean anymore—it would seem to be nothing. We're reaching that point.

it talked about how people over document their lives, and it's funny because i have developed this habit of compulsively posting about my life throughout the internet. though i like to think i document the things i considered important, for the sake of looking back and reflecting on how much things have changed. tumblr, is pretty much like my personal journal, where i post a lot of things that are happening in life. it's where i keep track of    important experiences, as well as beginnings of epiphanies, which i then elaborate on, on my blogspot, taking out the more personal things, adding more pictures i didn't put on my tumblr. i like to think of my blogspot as a more public version of my tumblr, which i wouldn't mind anyone reading. on flickr, i post the pictures i deem worthy of being called photography, captioned with little fragments of thoughts and observations of life at the moment,  whereas facebook is where i post witty statuses (statusii?) about school,  friends, inside jokes and whatnot because i like having people think of me as humorous. however, when i feel like too many incomplete thoughts are filling up my mind, i dump them all on twitter. why i even have any followers on their i admit i'm surprised. it's hard to explain, but when it comes to content, my tumblr, blogspot, facebook, and flickr overlap, but at the same time, they're pretty distinctly different, since i strive to keep my posts on each account varied. in addition, i'm constantly losing my journals and diaries, and i find it way easier to be consistent online. mmm if that makes sense.

i don't think the internet will ever go out of date, considering how ever-changing and useful it is. it's so crazy how there's practically a plethora of...stuff on the world wide web, whether it be in text, image, video, or audio form. it's like a whole other universe on here! i admit, if you were stuck at home, and looked hard enough, you'd be able to spend hours and hours on the internet (i already do heh). it's so much more easier to expose yourself to different things at the touch of a keyboard.  from entertaining, educating, informing, reforming, and inspiring.  but you guys should check out the article! it poses a really good question; is the internet becoming "an empty nostalgia factory"? and make sure to read the discussion below as well, the comments are very insightful. personally, i think the internet is what you make of it, meaning it's your call, if you choose to be nostalgic at the moment. reflecting isn't a bad thing, but overdoing it is. wow i'm not sure if i made that much sense *__* pardon me for my rambling~

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Rochelle said... hurts my eyes when I'm on the computer in the dark. follow me on twitter @Rochelles_World

b. said...

I believe I share the same insomnia as you, high five o/ I was actually reevaluating much of my 'social means' online, it is easier to be consistent online. Which is scary considering everything is lost in cyberspace. Haha I hardly use Facebook anymore for statuses, that's where my 140 word limit on Twitter comes in handy right? You have followers because everyone would love a slice of what a lovely person you are :) I'm still have trouble believing you're only 13 and are so comprehensive about such things, you go girl! The internet is always evolving, and we adapt our lifestyles around it, which makes us so immeasurably independent on something that practically doesn't exist - its virtual. Hmm.. an empty nostalgia factory is a great analogy, but I like to call it the layman's common domain for everything. Don't ever apologize for rambling, those are the best kind of posts :)

Anita Putri said...

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Michelle Jiafang said...

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Obat Kuat said...

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mimi said...

I definitely agree with you.

I keep my Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, and other social media sites different from each other. I post personal things on my Facebook that I wouldn't post on my blog. I muse about random things on Twitter that I might not post on Facebook. But they also overlap... Now that my blog is more public than ever, I find that I don't mind if I share a post on my personal Facebook or share a personal photo on my blog's Facebook page. Ya know?

But I will definitely go read that article! I've read similar articles before though... About the overload of knowledge on the Internet. When there's so much info readily at hand... It's harder to absorb anything!


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Sherry said...

you have such a cute blog and you write so amazingly in the middle of the night. I was looking through your pictures and for a second thought my younger sister was in your photos, but realized it's you. lol. You two look quite similar!

Stephanie Huang said...

Awww :) well of course, we need to always put everything in perspective <3

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