Wednesday, July 4, 2012


david and mia being fabulous~

because the first thing claire does is scream and run to the water to point at..something? it was hilarious though, you had to be there. ;) 

because who doesn't like bright beach chairs? view on flickr

my little sister socializing with seagulls because i hear that's what the cool kids do nowadays.
i dunno if you can really see it, but it's one of those little sand dwelling, multilegged creatures you'll occasionally feel swimming/scuttling/? over your feet in the water. asdfjslkf i hate it when i go deeper into the water and i can feel just hundreds of these little things wriggling under my feet i swear i had a miniheart attack because i first thought they were spiders LOL #awkward 
lexi being a pro photobomber
 i have a confession to make...i can't swim! or at least i can, in a swimming pool, but i just find it so intimidating to swim with all these sometimes REAALLY REAAALLY big waves crashing down in my direction. i (currently) do not have the guts to dive under a wave because i have this little fear of water that started when i was about 4 or 5. but i'll save that story for another day. c: anyway, i did go farther than my usual knee-height water level..i went in as far as my waist LOL sounds kind of lame, but i'm still feeling pretty proud B) erik and andrew, being the crazy part dolphin beings they secretly were, swam really far out, just trying to ride some waves. it was funny seeing them get knocked out X) and somehow erik convinced me to try to ride a wave and it FAILED SO MUCH oh my gosh i had a panic attack but everything was alright, besides the fact i had a mouthful of saltwater oh my gosh that stuff is preeetty concentrated. 8(

we got the bonfire started aaannnd warmed up our poor, sandy feet
 we ate hot dogs and sang obnoxiously loud along to the portable radio that nearly got knocked into the fire LOL and then david took out his guitar and played some songs, and we all talked and whatnot.
impromptu group picture #1 (we're pretty hot)
we sat on the sand playing truth or dare, though it should be probably be renamed to dare or dare, seeing that no one chose truth LOL there was foot/sand/attempted elbow licking, sand angel making, using pick up lines on a stranger, attempts to get said stranger's number (i think they got a little annoyed of us afterwards whoops) crazy dancing in public, screaming embarrassing things (which i vow not to repeat) at the top of our lungs etc etc. and contrary to the picture, it was nearly pitch black where we were sitting, 10 feet away from the waves. and the sound of the waves were really soothing and it didn't hurt that the mist felt really nice too heehee.

impromptu group picture #2 - i left my shutter open for a little longer than usual, and i loved how this picture came out, out ghost-like. trippyyy *__*

i think i've fallen in love. the smell, the warmth, the continuous rhythmic crackling and especially the embers, like some fiery dandelion puffs just floating in the air lol. it was all around very comforting and nostalgic. not to mention the day was the perfect day in its own subtle, satisfying ways; the smell of the ocean, the look of dried hair after being in sea water, the ocean mist, the radiating warmth of both the bonfire and sitting together with friends, the smell of charred wood, glowing embers, feeling sand in between your toes, singing along to that one friend (david c:) strumming the guitar, with all the other people on the beach enjoying bonfires too, time just can't help but stand still, and there's just this nice, warm, feeling of togetherness~*~ 

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Hannako Faith said...

Nice pictures. How I wish I can take a break and just sit down the beach front of a bonfire (sigh).

Nava said...

Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a cute blog, mind to follow each other? :)


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christy said...

nice blog ^^ loves it)

follow me and i will follow you)

xoxo Christy

Karina Dinda R. said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! ^^ Nice post dear :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

michelle angeline said...

seems like you had a lot of fun! :)
looking forward for your next post!
stay awesome <3

Michelle Angeline

Magical Day Dream said...

Sound like you had a great time!. Last time I was at the beach it was winter and there was snow everywhere. I want to go now in summertime again!



Cara Membesarkan said...

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