Saturday, July 7, 2012

i am my own creator

    sooo my summer has been going by pretty peacefully, and i like to think of summer as that period of time to just persue whatever interests you, to improve upon yourself, and most of all, have fun! so i made it my goal to become more athletic, artistic, academic, and to expose myself to new things as much as possible.

    natually, i have summer reading (oh english honors) which is the diary of a young girl, by anne frank, and the book thief, by markus zusack. coincidentally enough, they both focus on characters during the period of world war II. i seriously stayed up the entire night finishing up the book thief, and i swear i felt like i practically grew up with liesel in those short 5 hours of page turning suspense. i haven't finished the diary of a young girl yet, but i'm planning on finishing it by the end of the weekend so i can do the summer reading assignment already.
    i've always wanted to become multilingual, so my dad got a bunch of language learning programs. i'm not sure which i should start first: i already know a little chinese, i'll (hopefully) be taking spanish in the fall, which leaves me between french and japanese. i've always wanted to learn french, and i admire the way the words flow as they're spoken. it's sad how it's a supposed "dying" language though. :( i really hope i become somewhat fluent in at least one of these languages by the end of summer though. o:

   when i go out for a run, i just throw on something comfortable because i don't want to go out and buy running shorts. oh and did you see my running shoes? they've been an upgrade from running in just tennis shoes lol. since i'll be trying out for cross country, and i sound like a i'm having an asthma attack after running just one mile, so i've decided to do some intense training over the summer to prepare for the ominous 3 miles that await me. i've always loved running, just in short bursts, which isn't very useful if i want to run long distance. conveniently though, there's this awesome jogging track in the park i live next to, and i try gtto run a little bit each day. recently, i've gotten up to 2 miles without losing my breath, though i'm trying to get to 5 miles for the sake of progress c: ultimately, my goal's going to be 3 miles in about 21 minutes. hmhmhmh i'm going to get there.
    AND GUESS WHAT? i got a beach cruiser bike :) as shown above, it's pink and white, and i ordered a blue flugelhorn and wicker basket to go along with it. (seriously just say it; FLUUUUGELHOOOORN) i love riding it around, and it excersises my legs too! :D i've been eating healthier and keeping just feels really good, building up and strengthening my leg muscles, and i can't help but feel a bit proud of myself for not quitting (yet).
   excersising more has been so helpful in helping me love my body more. i used to obsess about my weight and constantly counted calories. now i know that keeping a healthy weight is a longtime commitment, and i'm definitely willing to keep it.


     of course with all this freetime, i've been taking more pictures for my flickr photostream. lately i've developed the habit of carrying my tripod around more because sometimes longer shutter speeds can work wonders, and trying to avoid slapping on some vintage brownish/ bluish looking filter and calling it photography because then that would just be me being lazy :( i'm focusing on trying to capture the natural light and enhancing it, as opposed to completely covering it up, and i've been pretty happy with the recent results.

    another thing i've been trying out in the summer are ukulele and piano lessons because asdfghjkl i've always wanted to learn to play instruments other than the saxophone. truth is, i originally wanted to sign up for the guitar class but i was told i was too old (TOO OLD FOR GUITAR WHAAAAT) so my sister signed up for that and i signed up for ukulele instead ^_^ i ordered a pretty blue uke from mahalo off of amazon, and it even has dolphins on the back of the tuning pegs it's so cute i love it sadkfjdsjfisdhfjksdf i can never seem to actually get the ukulele in tune. for piano, since it's a beginners class, i was the oldest person out of the 10-11 year olds pfft my bad for learning piano late B( though i think it's safe to say they've been helping and i'm (hopefully) seeing an improvement in my playing! 
    when i get good enough, i'll try to post a cover of some song because i love singing along to my instruments :D which leads me to my next point of discussion, i got this video editting program, pinnacle hd ultimate collection, and it came with a green screen too ahh! i admit i'm really excited to make some pro looking videos and become YOUTUBE FAMOUS WOOHOO (aha ha ha just kidding)

and so the lesson for today is to make the most of your day, because you are the theoretical author of a book entitled, "l i f e".

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

your summer seems pretty fun.

The Scent of Glamour said...

Nice photos and amazing bike!!!! Great blog!!!
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the scent of glamour


Awww, I love this post! I totally agree with ya. I've been writing a "To-Do" list of all the personal endeavors/ interests I want to pursue while I'm home! It's definitely a great time just to be you and do the things you enjoy!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Your copy of The Diary of Anne Frank looks fantastic, like it's been read 400 times by 127 different people. Is that true? :)

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

cute bike!!
and yes, i know its a swastika symbol :) same with my dad.
and thanks for stopping by at my blog

Girl With Plastic Camera

j e s s i z e e said...

haha yes, it is, i found it at a library book sale, and on the inside cover, it said it was published in 1940-something, so i'd say that's pretty accurate ^_^

Obat Kolesterol said...

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