Wednesday, April 11, 2012

segments of frozen laughter; blasts to the past

hey guys! my blogging pattern has been waaay out of whack! i'm trying to find my style of blogging, and i admit i've been super lazy about posting stuff on here, as i'm more used to tumblr. (if you have a tumblr, leave your url below in the comment box, and i'll gladly check it out!) but it's spring break, and i'm stuck in bed sick, so i'd thought i would give blogspot another try. ^_^

i found some majorly old pictures of myself as a baby/toddler, and i was inspired to do a "dear photograph"
"dear photograph" is a website started by taylor jones, and the whole idea is to "take a picture of a picture of the past, in the present."

view original photos on flickr here and here

didn't really seem like much changed, did it?

if you didn't know already, i moved for the first time in my 13 years of existence, so of course there'd be some feelings for my old apartment building. i learned to walk, talk, ride a bike, roller blade, jump rope, everything, here. so many good memories here, all of the neighbors, cats, dogs, and pigeons, shall be missed. i'm seriously grateful for all of the pictures my parents took when i was little;  what i used to think was incredibly irritating i am now extremely appreciative of, it's crazy how much a picture can remember what the mind forgets.

if you guys ever find an old family album, look through it! i guarantee it'll make you smile. (-: tell me about your most memorable little-kid pictures, i want to hear about them!

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Bambi said...

Well this definately made my smile, how beautiful! It's like me too, I had most of my childhood milestones at my old apartment block before moving into this house I'm living in currently, such a hit of nostalgia aye? :)

j e s s i z e e said...

yes, that's exactly what it's like! :D

!♥ MIMI said...

I think the idea of this photography project is wonderful. Something about the past captured in a photo is just so magical. Thank you for visiting love! You'll find your blogging style. Just keep at it. Lovin what i'm reading so far (;


Anita said...

I love the Dear Photograph series! You've kind of inspired me to dig up some old photographs to make my own, hehe! And I love the light leak in the last photograph!

j e s s i z e e said...


j e s s i z e e said...

haha yay yay! and thanks ^-^

Keseven said...

Lovely concept "take a picture of a picture of the past, in the present." I'll be going back to some of my childhood photo album.. - that has given an idea for a post (which I always lack) ... keep up with your blog, it's wonderful. :)

j e s s i z e e said...

haha thanks for the support (: