Tuesday, February 14, 2012

singles awareness day;loljk

if you really didn't care about valentine's day, you wouldn't talk about how "superficial" or "stupid" the holiday is; you'd just continue living your life, and february 14th would be just be like any other day. except maybe all of the couples you see in public would be extra cuddly. idk. but spending effort hating on it? lol just stop please. besides, it's all about february 15th. all of the chocolate is half off ccc: 

like the quote above, i don't care much for the romantic aspect of valentine's day, but all of the fun novelties and yummy sweets on sale are VERY "interesting". (:

my valentine's day went by a-okay. i got candy from my friends, and then afterschool we chillaxed and hung out, and it was nice ^_^

how did your valentine's day go?

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