Tuesday, January 31, 2012

omnomnomnom; january

just an assortment of yummy things i've tried the past month. ^-^ feast your eyes!
because this stuff actually tastes like mint chocolate! (☠ _ ☠)
no joke, i can like eat a tangerine in probably 15 seconds. then they get really addicting because they taste SO GOOD. my sisters and i can finish an entire bag of 20 tangerines in a day. c:

dude, hands-down, owls are the best.

i like the names of the soda haha. california dreamin' sounds nice, doesn't it?

yogurt just tastes good c:

because fried rice is a must for any asian. my mom's is THE BEST.

 haha have you guys tried anything good lately? (:
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1 comment:

kerker said...

lovely photos! in australia we dont have extra dessert delights!