Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's: a forever alone edition

so i  was originally supposed to go over to my friend mia's house for new years', but then my mom said i couldn't go at the last minute, so i stayed at home, listening to music, eating, and watching tv, pretending i was in new york for the ball drop. arghh someday i wanna see times square in person on new years' eve. and maybe even a kiss? (;

but my resolutions for this year? (bolded=higher priority)
- do a 365 photo project
- make my own money (from blogging or something heeheeh)
- become fluent in mandarin chinese
- to be more patient with my sisters
- no crying/ getting worked up over small things
- to not shoot in automode when using my dslr
- perform in the talent show
- no procrastinating & giving school my all
- expose myself to more literature and music
- learn guitar/piano
- get a killer tan
- learn how to swim/surf
- become fitter with healthy eating and more excersise
 (lool this is gonna be challenging)
- spend & e n j o y time with family

happy new year's guys! what are your resolutions? comment below! ^-^

 let's hope 2012 is a good one <3

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