Saturday, December 31, 2011

2k11; a reflection

so this year was full of a lot of firsts & other great experiences:


the field trip to san diego was so much fun. on the first day, we went to the san diego zoo, looked at a bunch of random animals, and then went on the tram. it was so much fun, just being in the air. then the next day, we went to sea world and rode journey to atlantis all day. i think this field trip was really special because we got so much independence and i got to spend time with my friends. (:

 carter's house ahahaha XD his room was like super cool; i liked his purple walls. :) we ate pizza and took embarrassing photos of their baby pictures.

over the summer, i realized how much fun video chatting could be, and i would stay up all night just talking to everyone. my friends, mutual friends, and sometimes strangers in random chatrooms haha. i spent my entire summer indoors. i think i even turned paler! xp

i also got my very first dslr! it was the pentax k-r. best camera in the world. (:

so this year, i turned 13 years old, which means i'm officially a t e e n a g e r ! mia made me the most amazing funfetti cake. everyone said happy birthday, and it was just amazing.

i went bowling for the first time, and i got 3 strikes. it was amazing, and i even got to beat claire! i had a lucky ball, it was medium size, and fit my fingers just right. it even had a pretty swirly color. after bowling, we went to david's house, and we spent some time just running around in the dark. it was so much fun. :D
cool glasses, right? (:

i got to go to this party that lasted until midnight. there was black light, so everything white glowed all neon-y. and the dj had this awesome sound system. they had all the dancing in their garage, which was actually super big, and then there was a chef that would make a custom burrito/taco/quesadilla for everyone. the fresh ingredients made my burrito taste a m a z i n g . there was even a random trampoline outside, and waaaaah it was so bouncy :D


i think 2011 was the year where i grew up. i got to be more independent, and i think i -hopefully- became more mature. i went from a child to an adult-in-progress. i think it's strange how i was such a kid in the beginning of the year, and how i feel so grown up at the end. how peculiar.

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