Friday, December 30, 2011

mmm mmm mmm

ohmyy my life has come to a temporary standstill, so i'm going to tell you guys about the amazing stuff i ate today ^-^

so a couple posts back i talked about visiting a cathy's bakery. so we stopped by yet another amazing cathy's bakery and bought THE MOST AMAZING things evaar. there were so many yummy things to choose from ohmygaawsh. but in the end, we decided on the cream filled cupcake (3rd photo from top) and this break with sliced hot dog and corn and cheese and butter. (5th photo from top) so the cream was the only best part of the cupcake because it was cold and sweet, but the bread was kinda amazing. so the bread itself leaves a really nice, buttery aftertaste, and then it's evened out by the saltiness of the hot dog and the sweetness of the corn. it's like a mouthgasm * _ *

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

They are goddamn yummy.
Your blog is making me hungry.
Please visit my blog and follow each other.

geebambino said...
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Anh said...

Just looking at the cake is making my mouth water *_*

Michelle said...

Aaaah, such sweet perfection! Thanks to you I feel the need to go and buy a slice of cake to eat! ha ha

It all looks so perfect! :)

anies said...

Omg first cake!! Looks delicious;)

Amelia Situmeang said...


j e s s i z e e said...

thanks guys, happy new years to everyone <3 and i know right, ugh cake is amazing c:

Annka said...

holy s*t these muffins look amazing!
I just discovered your blog and seeing nice food on a blog is always a plus xD
yours annka from