Monday, December 26, 2011

couples hm

so my cousin was hugging his girlfriend goodbye, and it was so cute because they had socks on, and it was a wood floor, so they kept sliding around and asdfghjkl;

and recently, this couple i know reached their 1 year anniversary. as a great facebook status once said, "middle school relationships are like fat people; they almost never work out." but these two didn't let that stop them. i remember when i first commented on their little "_______ is in a relationship with ______" on facebook. i remember seeing them at the park, around school, everywhere together. they stayed committed. they're both mature, although they're funny when they want to be. it's like a diamond in the rough, knowing that there is still hope out there, that not everyone is going to jump into a relationship just for the fun of it, that there are people who don't throw around the words "i love you" like it's nothing.

but anyway, it's just middle school, so hey, there's plenty of time to find that special someone. ^-^


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

awe its cute

AmaliaFirawrr said...

That's so cute:') I hope the best for your cousin and his girlfriend! I know how hard it is to handle knowing you still have years to go:') Limiting your freedom:') Yet I still stay with my almost-two-year-boyfriend:') We went out in middle school. It's my second year in highschool and his third now:')

j e s s i z e e said...

good luck to you guys <3