Monday, December 5, 2011

12.04.11 sixflags take 2!

the flower tweety some nice stranger gave to me (:

i’m so mad my camera broke asdfghjkl; i don’t really have any pictures of six flags :c. at first we probably waited like 40 minutes for X2. claire kept freaking out because her dad and a bunch of her other friends called it scary. everyone kept teasing claire about how she was gonna fall out cause she was too skinny lool. i got scared at the top, where we had to swing forward. it was so high up, and it felt like we were going to fall for a moment. the entire ride just made my stomach all tingly gaah. at the end, there were flames that were like WOOOOOOOSH i probably smacked my head on the rest 3 times, and i had a headache afterwards, and my head hurt, like a lot. and then we went on viper, which was super fun with all of the loops.

everyone sat down for a bit, so i went on apocalypse with claire, bryan, and justin. daaaayum it was crazy bumpy haha, like ghostrider! then we wet on this log ride and got super wet. and then onriddler’s revenge, we were standing, so when we had the loopty loops, my legs tingled omg. afterwards we split up so i was with claire, justin, and bryan again. we went on this wonderwoman ride where you just stood at the edge of the circle, and it kept spinning until you were practically vertical to the ground. we stayed in place, and if we tried to put our head forward, it was like it got waaay heavier. (it was inertia in action lol) green lantern was megashort, but the spinning car while dropping was cool.

scream was another uber awesome ride, it had some many looptyloops, and it was so much fun. finally we went to get lunch, and we had to like walk 5 minutes to the front of the park. on the way there, some random strangers asked us if we wanted their tweeety flower things. <3 :D so nice of them. afterwards, we ate and omg it tasted amazing. claire didn’t finish, so i carried her food for her. >.> i felt like a fatty cause i was just carrying all the food lool.

we went on the carousel and the ponies were pwetty. :D after that, we went on this little train and got on ninja. i remember riding in like 2nd grade, when i went to six flags with my day care. but anyway, ninja was awesome haha. it was actually decently fast, and the guy would tell us bye with like a “HI-YAH!”  we went on it twice, and our faces were freezing afterwards loool. we kept going on little kiddie rides so we could finish digesting our food, and so that no one would throw up. gold rusher kinda sucked, it was slowish and just riding around.

scrambler was awesome because claire and i and justin and bryan were the only two groups out of the probably 15 groups the ride could hold. i liked how we were pretty legitimately moving around like an eggbeater/mixer/scrambler. we kept screaming each other’s names. X) we tried to go on the observation deck, but the elevator took too long to come, and so we went to colossus and it was so much fun, just all the big drops. i wore my beanie because bryan told me it was a”weak” ride. haha not even, it almost fell off. and lool i’m pretty sure i heard justin screaming like a girl the entire time. <3

finally, we called everyone else, and ran to goliath just in time to make it to the last ride of the day. rosa and errbody else rode it like 11 times loooooooool. when we got on, the drop at first was kinda freaky, but then i was so high that i could see the stars. they were really pretty. c: aaaaaannnndddd then BAM there was a drop, and that was prettty the only part that was scary. goliath got nothinggg on x2. i wish we went on superman though! o:
we stopped by the candyshop and claire bought warheads, which everyone basically took. lalalal then we sang in the car, and the went home. so much fun. :D when i close my eyes, i keep picturing roller coaster tracks. and i’m just sitting in my chair and it feels like my body’s tilting and asdfghjkl i still feel like i’m riding a rollercoaster lol. asdfghjkl i can’t get the rollercoasters out of my head man

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