Sunday, December 4, 2011

12.03.11 winter wonderland ^-^

so my sisters had to play with their band for this fundraiser called winter wonderland. while we were waiting for the performance to start, we browsed around the stalls of all of the people selling things. everything looked so interesting and shiny, lol. but i didn't have any money. :c

after that, all of the bands played christmas-y music. it was nice, and it felt like christmas for a moment.

me and claire <3

claire, me, christian, and david. group pictures :)

while i was listening to the bands, christian came out of nowhere ahaha. he was dressed up all fancy because he left his parents' work party or something like that. but his tie was super cool. and afterwards, we took pictures with the timer and tripod lol and walked around and ate popcorn and it was fun. claire lost her ipod ahahaa. and i saw brian! then we sat down and christian put his arm around me, and it was nice. (cuddle weather heeheeh c;) 

i got to buy an amazing knit polar bear beanie for $10 from one of the stands. ^-^

 it was a fun day. (:

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