Sunday, November 27, 2011

11.24.11 & 11.25.11 thanksgiving break 2k11 ^-^

we went to our grandparents' place and just chillaxed until it was time to go to my uncle's restruant. haha, and in the picture above was a portrait we took probably like 8-9 years ago, when i was about 4ish. i'm the little girl in the bottom right. my littlest sister wasn't even born yet. oh the memories. :)

turkey the asian way lolz

i'm not gonna lie, the food was kinda amazing. there was shrimp with walnuts and beef with brocolli and turkey and duck, but i didn't eat much because i wasn't so hungry. what's happening to me D:

we slept over, and the next day, we went to a big lots cause it was the only store nearby ahahaaa, and hey, you never know what you'll find there. and it was fun just looking through all their random candy and i got this camcorder the vivitar watchamacallit for like $20 because i thought the video quality would be decent for filming random little life moments. turns out, it sucks more than my laptop quality. -.-

afterwards, we went to cathy's bakery to buy spongecake. i lovelovelove their spongecake, it's like their signature thing. i used to eat it all the time when i was like 6, and i still do c: and they have a bunch of other little goodies: cookies, sweetbread, sandwiches (lol they're really good okay) and they have this special cake. THEY'RE SO PRETTY. but yeah it always smells so nice in there. :)

after that, we visited my grandma's brother (great uncle?) but yeah, they talked and then i walked around the senior home, but it was so quiet D:

then we went back to my grandma's and i camwhored lalala 

afterwards i somehow convinced my mommy-o to drive to this goodwill, and ahahaa..more on that later :-)

happy thanksgiving everyone! 

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