Monday, November 21, 2011

11.20.11 sixflags!

lol when i got to rosa's casaa everyone was still half asleeep XD and then, finally, everyone woke up and got ready for six flags.

it probably took like an hourish to drive there, and it was raining the entire timee.

we waited in the cold for 40 minutes to go on tatsu, everything else was closed. i swear i was screaming because it was scary being at the top! what if i fell off? asfjlsdjflskdjf

after that the park was shut down because of bad weather, and we got a refund. and then i bought some funnel cake. (:

we ate pizza and sandwiches and chips on the van, i was so happy to be warm again c: lol and then we watched shutter island && high school musical, and talked to people on omegle and chatroulette. it was fun (:


Anh said...

Looked so fun! Hope you had a good time!

jessicaa said...

Haha it was, thanks ^-^

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

Cute pictures!


jessicaa said...

thank you (: