Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.11.11 sunrider

so we went to sunrider headquarters in torrance, californiaa. my mommio took us here because she wanted to have us see all of the chinese art. the truth is, the tour was kinda boring. and we couldn't take any pictures. :c but i really liked their lobby. it was pretty cool. :)

after that, we went to the gardens. they had this entire shiny-metal-statue thing going on ahaha. it was really convenient because everyone thought it was going to rain, but the sun came out anyway, so the weather was just perfect. ^-^

 afterwards my mom got a facial and then me and my sisters painted our nails. jenny, the person who was working with my mom was super nice, and she came from the uk! she was so funny and i was sad to have to say bye. :-( but we had a good time. c:
they didn't want their faces shown -_-

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