Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10.31.11 halloween!

haha the sign my sister hung up before we went out. isn't it cute? X)

my trick or treat bag heehehh.

 haha omg story time. so every single year this lady always dresses up and hands out candy for halloween, and this year i had my camera, so i asked her to take a picture with me. my sister, who was taking the picture was like 1- and then she took the picture. the lady looked at me funny and i thanked her for the candy. ahaha awkward.

psh we're just too cool maan.

this place was the closest we ever got to a haunted house ahaha. it was basically this tunnel where people popped out at you and it's dark and whooa. at the end they gave you like this tiny tootsie roll ahahaa. and i would have pictures of the people inside but the dude person like grabbed the lense of my camera and i kept trying to shake him off buuuut he didn't let go. >.> and then when we were walking away he was like "HEY JESSICA." and then i was like, WHO'S THERE O.O gooosh i can't see through masks okaay?

i was a penguin for halloween. ^_^

i swear i thought i had waaaay moooore candy pfft.

haha but yeah, that was the best monday night i've had in a while. C:

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