Saturday, September 24, 2011

09.23.11 david's birthday partay

haha omg i haven't been on blogspot in forever.

so david's turning 13 on the 30th, and he invited us bowling! it was my first time X)


at first, it was super hard to get used to the bowling balls, they were so heavy smh -.- but then there was this amazing purple blue ball (see below) that fit perfectly and i got like 3 strikes o m g .
                                          LOL oh, and i beat claire (:

looool and yeah gave him like instant noodles and a panda it was awesome c:  anddd yee lots of music and lights and errbody kept throwing a bunch of balls at once and i'm pretty sure the staff got all pissed at us (:

lucky bowling ball right theree ^

haha then we went back to david's and ate food and played video games woot

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