Saturday, September 3, 2011


Haha surprise visit to chinatown yes. X)

This was the first time I think I legitimately enjoyed tofu omg. Like it tasted like meat and it was sweet but salty and holyshet it like melted in my mouth.


And oh my gosh the ribs. They were like coated in like this crystallized sugar, and sesame and ahaha I just happen to love ribs.

Afterwards, we went shopping and bought like so much stuff. I love chinatown. C:

new charm for my camera!

I think I'm in love with this bag. I absolutely love the color, which seems to go with absolutely everything. The metal clasps give it a sort of modern look, and there's tons and tons of space. It can go as a book bag AND a purse. Fashionable and functional. :-)

lol and my sister bought pokemon cards and another pikachu omg.

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